MIS Staffing Solutions:

MedForce Healthcare and Life Sciences organizations are challenged every day to enhance quality of care, optimize workflows, and improve tracking, reporting and access to services. Information Technology (IT) and Management Information Systems (MIS) staff augmentation can play a significant role in reaching these goals, including empowering providers with real-time access to digitalized information to improve clinical decision making.

Digital technologies have proven to be essential tools for access to such vital information as; patient histories, medical images, prescriptions, physician orders, and Electronic Data Capture (EDC), Clinical Data Management and developing Case Report Form (CRF) pages across the healthcare and life sciences industries. The cost of healthcare and developing therapeutics and other medical related products is reaching astronomical levels and the healthcare and life science industry is looking to cut costs wherever possible. Therefore, company executives are turning their attention to improving inefficiencies through out their business.

All organizations are built on a basic foundation of technology, however MedForce realizes that healthcare and life sciences related organizations have unique needs and therefore need their technology professionals to have specialized industry knowledge that relates to their organizational focus. As a shared resource organization and with our extensive list of technology partners, we act a gateway to technological outsourcing solutions, consulting and perm placement services to our client organizations. We specifically cater these service offerings and solutions to the Healthcare and Life Sciences industries and utilize our methodology to guarantee staffing and hiring success.

MedForce places IT/MIS professionals in the following roles:

  • Web Development/OO Development
  • Digital Technologies/Solutions
  • Client/Server Side Development
  • RIS/PACS Administrators-Managers
  • Mainframe Programming/Database Administration
  • System and Network Engineering/Administration
  • Application Development and Specialty Technologies/ Methodologies
  • Information Security (InfoSec) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
  • Logo Design (Design and Development)
  • Scheduling and Medical Billing Solutions -Partners
  • Paperless Solutions and Products (EDC, CTMS, etc.)
  • Software Engineers, Programmers and Clinical Programmers
  • Programmer Analysts and Technical Specialists
  • Clinical Database Architects and Administrators
  • Clinical Application and Database Developers
  • Executive and Operational Management

MedForce has proven to be a cost effective enterprise wide flexible solution compared to our larger – burden heavy competitors. Contact one of our staffing specialist today at (877) 691-4MED (4633) or email questions to info@medforce.com