Government Services (Medical / Healthcare IT / Scientific)

MedForce Government Services has the proven ability to locate transition and retain talent for a variety of government programs. With over a decade of Federal experience, we work with large, medium and small businesses, prime contractors and government agencies. MedForce Government Services specializes in providing talent management, proposal support and program personnel across the U.S.


VA Schedule 621i (HEALTHCARE/SCIENTIFIC) - Staffing Services
VA Contract Number V797P-7010a
VA Schedule     GSA Schedule

Commonwealth of Virginia
Temporary Medical Employment Services - Contract # E194-799
Commonwealth of Virginia Contract

National Institute of Health
BPA # HHSN263999900162B / MOL: 500K
National Institute of Health

Virginia, Fairfax County (Mid-Atlantic Regional)
Temporary Nursing Services Contract - Contract # RQ08-936414-32D
Fairfax County Contract

Our General services include:

Medical, Healthcare Information Technology and Scientific Specialty Recruitment

Drawing from our vast pool of highly qualified candidates and from ongoing recruitment initiatives, MedForce ensures the availability of top-tier Medical / IT/Scientific professionals, when and where you need them. With over 300,000 personnel in our database, we have access to a large number of quality personnel, their referrals and prestigious medical communities.

And unlike traditional staffing companies, we provide no separation between external and internal staff. Thus by offering long-term security, professional guidance, and true accountability, we can retain the absolute best professionals in any Medical/IT/Scientific fields

Government Credentialing and On-Boarding

Because the US Government's credentialing and security processes are the world s most rigorous, MedForce uses its vast medical contracting and credentialing experience to successfully channel candidates through our on-boarding process using State of the Art Medical Staffing Software called BlueSky.

Having on-boarded thousands of commercial and government medical specialists, we understand the ups and downs and our efficiency and reliability are second to none-with our proven flexibility and on-boarding of highly qualified candidates in 45 days or less.

Program Management

In addition to skilled medical professionals, MedForce provides program management and comprehensive care to a variety of government and commercial clients.

With particular expertise in Occupational and Behavior Health, High Acuity Specialties, Detention/Correctional Health, and DoD Medical Staffing, we pride ourselves on timely, high-quality medical services that meet and exceed the strictest operational standards.

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