Five Phase Permanent Placement Process

Phase 1: Discover
Our process begins by getting to know our clients and understanding their full time hiring needs. It is at this phase that we gather all necessary information regarding your corporate culture, core business, competitors, market segments, target audience, and most importantly how we can compliment your internal staffing initiatives and processes. This is the phase where we come to understand your organization and become your partner.

Phase 2: Strategize
Now that we have initiated dialog and established a partnership relationship built around your hiring goals we can determine the best staffing methodologies, strategy and tactics necessary to achieve our objective. We will discuss the suite of staffing solutions we offer and make recommendations as to what strategic and tactical approach will accomplish the desired goals quickly and cost effectively.

Phase 3: Research and Sourcing
This is where the deliverables are produced. This is accomplished by a wide variety of traditional and non- traditional methods to include the identification of candidate pools, on-line and off -line methodologies including social networking, spidering, database scrapping, file type searching, directory research and the always productive cold calls directly into the targeted organization

Phase 4: Candidate Assessment
As candidates are identified they are screened against our “key accountabilities” which were identified during our research phase. We then speak with each candidate to further confirm that their education, work experience and professional skills make them a worthwhile candidate.

Phase 5: Candidate Analysis & Presentation
This is the final phase of the process and we will make a value judgment and provide you with a short list of the candidates we feel most ideally fit your professional and corporate profile. Post your review and evaluation we will then determine how best to move forward.

Additional Services:
As part of our Perm Placement service we offer additional services such as online background checking, 10 panel drug testing, employment verification, reference checking, I-9 verification, education verification, personality testing, skills testing.

Benefits of Perm Placement Services

Stop the Madness: Have you ever had a great candidate not show for an interview or the first day of work; ever spend untold hours looking for candidates and get nothing but a bunch of unqualified job applicants and resumes? You don’t even need to answer those questions; without overstating it we can honestly say we have seen it all, heard it all, and hired it all over our many years in the staffing business. Our business is people and our years of experience working in both corporate and agency environments help us to identify candidate issues very quickly. With our medical industry recruiting skills developed over time we can save you time and money.

Save Money: It expensive to have access to job boards, databases, and the technology needed to source and recruit quality candidates. It will cost you tens of thousands of dollars for access to even the most basic job boards such as and and what you’re ultimately paying for is access to the same pool of people everyone else is looking at.

What we provide is a true quantifiable value to the staffing process by data mining; staffing is our core business and we have access to every online resource available. The truth is most people are not on monster, careerbuilder or any of the other boards; the majority of people are passive job seekers and never post their resume on line. Finding quality people is a science and we source candidate pools using on-line and off-line methods including social networking, spidering, data-base scrapping, file type searching and directory research to name a few. Our search professionals and recruiters have access to pools of candidates that you will never have access to using the overpriced job boards.

Save Time: Hardcore search and recruitment is a long, tedious, process driven exercise similar to mining. You have to look at an awful lot of people before you find a candidate that will really get the job. Your time may be better spent speaking with only the right candidates instead of every unemployed person with a computer that thinks “they would be a great addition to the team”. We screen and speak with hundreds of people a day, every day; you should only have to speak with the ones that make the cut.